A range of professional treatments available

to help you recover and improve.

Covers a range of musculoskeletal massage techniques including clinical sports massage.

Sometimes used to assist in recovery and aid rehabilitation whilst reducing the symptoms of many injuries and painful conditions.

Works through the Five Mechanisms of Action. Stimulating the muscle, fascia, Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems.

Helps you regain control and get you back to your sport. Looking at your body's biomechanics and working to strengthen any areas of weakness that can lead to repetitive injury.

IASTM is carried out with a specially constructed surgical steel tool. It works to change the density, tone, viscosity and arrangement of scar tissue, which in turn aids to reinstate the body's healing process so that remodeling and optimization of the soft tissue structures can be done Bringing a reduction in pain, increased range of motion and normal MSK function.

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About Zeina

Pain is a warning sign and warnings signs,

if ignored will create further problems resulting in long term damage.


Zeina Clare is our Advanced Soft Tissue Practitioner, who takes part in may events and races throughout the year. She is a runner, swimmer and cyclist and in the past has run numerous marathons and several ultra marathons.


Being a keen sportswoman, she understands how injury affects training and is focused on getting you back to fitness so that you can continue to achieve your sporting goals.


Most people engaged in any sporting activity get injured from time to time. Unfortunately, most of us believe that our injuries will heal themselves with 'rest' and abstaining from the activity.


Pain is a warning sign and warnings signs, if ignored will create further problems resulting in long term damage, as the body learns to compensate for the injury, to the point where maybe more than the original issue has stopped you from enjoying your sport completely.


Zeina Clare treats the body as a whole, analysing the cause of your injury, finding out where and why it actually exists; the root cause, and then provides treatment and rehabilitation advice on how to get back to fitness.


Using a wide variety of techniques from soft tissue therapy, muscle energy work, neuromuscular facilitation, medical acupuncture, passive and active stretches, taping and strapping, Zeina will get to the causation and work to break your cycle of injury.


This type of treatment is robust and should not be mistaken for a 'relaxing' treatment. Nor is this to be confused with physiotherapy. Sport therapy works on many levels and so patient involvement and participation is required for full affect.


Get it fixed before it's too late.


Zeina Clare


ASA Level 2 UKCC Teaching Aquatics QCF

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Some testimonials from previous clients

"I first saw Zeina for a hip 'niggle' & painful shin splints that were hampering my half marathon training. I was really worried that Zeina was going to tell me to stop running or that running the Brighton Half was unrealistic, so I was relieved when I learned that she was an experienced runner as well as a brilliant sports injury therapist.


Straight away Zeina filled me with confidence that I would be race ready in 5 weeks. Zeina quickly identified the root cause of my problems and adapted my training programme so that I would still be on target for running the half marathon. She demonstrated the stretches and strengthening exercises that would be a key part of becoming injury free as well as emailing me video clips and illustrated examples.


Zeina was always an email away from giving me excellent advice and checking in on how my training was going. She taught me to listen to my body and provided me with the tools to ensure that I continue to strengthen my weak areas so that I stay as injury free as possible, (although I still hate planking)!


And it turned out that running 13 miles was actually less painful than Zeina's acupuncture needles! "


N. Gras

"Zeina diagnosed and treated me twice weekly for the first month or so, she helped and advised when and how to tentatively begin exercise and stretching.  At the most serious point in my illness, I simply couldn't walk and was in agony, Zeina saw me immediately. I felt supported by someone who genuinely cared and wanted to help.


Often appointments would over run and I was not hurried out of the door in the manner that some other practices may do! Dedicated treatment and a genuine wish to help me repair without reliance on drugs was the aim.  I am pleased to say that my treatment with ZC Sports therapy has worked brilliantly and I now have a toolkit of strengthening exercises and I have learned how to listen to my body and to exercise any aches and pains away.


I wholeheartedly recommend ZC Sportstherapy to anyone who is suffering a sporting injury or sciatic pain, not only to make your life pain free but also drug free! ”


S. Morgan

"'Zeina saved my life, or at least that's what it felt like when my knee decided to collapse under me one day. The next day I was in agony and the following day i had a knee the size of a melon.


Knowing that a GP would more than likely prescribe painkillers, I called on Zeina. She assessed the injury and gave me a treatment plan to deal with the trauma.


She was on the end of Whats App regularly to make sure I was ok and then as the swelling went down, started acupuncture and soft tissue massage to address the damage. Now, don't get me wrong,  its not for the fainthearted.  However, a few months down the line I'm 90% recovered and its all thanks to Zeina and her services above and beyond the call of duty. She is your conscience,  your therapist and your motivation. I wholeheartedly recommend her to fix your sporting injury, big or small.'



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